Growth vs. Scarcity Mindset: How You Can Start Cultivating a Positive Growth Mindset Today

February 19, 2021

If you’ve got a positive growth mindset, you’ll worry less about simply looking competent and like you’ve got your sh$t together. Instead, you’ll be far more interested in learning how to improve your abilities and optimize your business for success.

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How Does a Positive Growth Mindset Advance Your Business?

Growth mindset might be a buzzword in entrepreneur land. But it’s got massive implications for building and sustaining a profitable business. In fact, having a positive growth mindset vs. a scarcity mindset is critical to your success. 

So, how can you cultivate a positive growth mindset? The trick is to internalize the belief that you can develop your talents, learn new things, and competently apply them to your business. 

Ready to rev up that business engine with positive growth? Carpe diem, baby. Jump in that driver’s seat. We’re heading to boomtown. 

Growth vs. Scarcity Mindset

scarcity mindset versus growth mindset

Scarcity implies having a want that you just can’t fill. A scarcity mindset is also referred to as a fixed mindset. 

People with a scarcity vs. growth mindset have internalized the belief that their abilities, smarts, and character traits are fixed. They can’t be changed, and the good cultivated and the bad curtailed. 

Individuals with a scarcity mindset think things are simply givens and static — that they can’t change anything in a meaningful, big, sustainable way. Usually, people develop a scarcity mindset when they’re kids. 

Have you ever had someone tell you as a child that you couldn’t be an athlete? You just weren’t good at sports, music, writing, whatever, and never would be? Well, first of all, they were wrong. And second of all, these are the things that can cultivate that fixed mindset in people. 

All right, we’re gonna scratch that record. Stop right there. This might be a spoiler alert, but hint, hint — things are absolutely not static. You’re not stuck, and you can change and grow. 

It doesn’t matter what’s happened to you in the past. Or what people have said about you and your work before. If you adopt and nurture a positive growth mindset, your life will turn around, and your business will grow. 

But you’ve got some work to do in the process.

What a positive growth mindset is and isn’t

Having a positive growth mindset doesn’t mean you’ll morph into a Pollyanna. That would imply that growth comes to those who just want instead of do

A person with a positive growth mindset or an abundance mindset believes their abilities and circumstances can change through hard work, strategic planning and execution, and others’ help. Positive mindsets foster a sense of collaboration and innovation. 

People with a growth mindset will achieve higher success levels than someone with a fixed mindset, who thinks their abilities are innate and can’t be changed. 

If you’ve got a positive growth mindset vs. a scarcity mindset, you’ll worry less about simply looking competent and like you’ve got your sh$i together. Instead, you’ll be far more interested in learning how to improve your abilities and optimize your business for success. 

It’s true. Outcomes certainly do matter. But grit, persistence, effort, and continuous learning (all part of a positive growth mindset) are going to drive you toward achieving those outcomes you want.  

Make a mistake (like we all do), and instead of becoming paralyzed with worrying about how it’s made you look, you’ll come away from it thinking, how can I learn from this? What’s the lesson here, and how can I use it to grow?

Growth vs. Scarcity Mindset: The key advantage to having a positive growth mindset

Everyone experiences setbacks, whether in their personal or professional lives. When you have a growth mindset, though, these setbacks won’t seem devastating, and like you can’t move on from them. A positive growth mindset empowers you to rise above it. 

Setbacks in business can be demoralizing — if you let them. Remember that building a sustainable, profitable brand is a marathon, not a sprint. One of the significant growth mindset benefits is that it’ll help you weather storms and keep your chin up. 

Here’s how to have a growth mindset vs. a scarcity mindset:

abundance versus scarcity mindsets

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Changes you can make today to cultivate a positive growth mindset.

Most of us are a mix of both fixed and growth mindsets. But the key to having a more positive growth mindset is to know our scarcity mindset triggers. Here are some things you can do to cultivate a growth mindset and propel your brand toward success. 

1. Understand that we’re all less-than-perfect, and that’s okay.

Sometimes, we want to run away from our imperfections, gloss over them, forget they even exist, all that jazz. But if you do that, you won’t overcome them. Identify your business weakness and work at improving it, so it’s either neutralized or becomes a strength. 

2. Learn to love a challenge. 

Okay, maybe love is too strong a word. To cultivate a more positive growth mindset, start viewing challenges as opportunities instead of horrible setbacks or insurmountable obstacles. Attack challenges until you succeed. Fail often, and fail well. 

3. Be brave enough to try different learning tactics.

We all have different, unique learning styles. What works for me might not be the best solution for you. Don’t be afraid to try different learning tactics to get a feel for what’s going to increase your growth the fastest. Some people need a more hands-on approach, while others learn the best listening, watching, or reading.  

4. Failing? No, you’re learning. 

Let’s strike the word failing from your vocabulary. Replace it instead with learning. Changing your belief structure from one of a fixed mindset to a growth mindset requires a new perspective and a change in how we approach setbacks and talk about them. 

5. Realize you don’t need anyone’s approval. 

When you put approval over learning, you’ll jeopardize your growth potential and ability to learn, adapt, and ultimately succeed. Start by valuing the process over the end result and letting recognition come to you instead of seeking it. 

6. Prioritize growth over speed.

Maybe you’re a fast learner. But learning fast doesn’t always mean fully grasping concepts and knowing them well. Sometimes, you’ve got to make room for the inevitable mistakes to happen without letting it get you down and derailing your train. It takes a long time to build an empire, but you’re not on anyone’s timeframe but your own. 

7. Try to look at criticism in a new light. 

Criticism can hurt. But it’s unavoidable. We all have to experience it at some point. The good thing is, criticism can lead to growth. If you reframe it as a learning experience instead of something painful to avoid at all costs. 

8. Develop your grit. 

Determination + sustained effort = grit. When you cultivate grit, you’ll be far more likely to seek your own approval, get to your destination, and deliver the end results you’ve been looking for.  

Growth vs. Scarcity Mindset: My final tip for a positive growth mindset? Own and embrace your new attitude and let it guide you. 

It’s hard work, but anything worth doing is. Once you develop your new positive growth mindset, it’s time to own that sh$t. Be proud of it and let it guide you throughout your business career. 

Your positive growth mindset will give you a more in-depth insight into who you are, what motivates, inspires, and drives you. So, let it guide you to the places you want to go. You’ve got this!

But where do I start?!

How about, with a clear vision? I know you’ve got big dreams you want to make a reality with your shiny new positive growth mindset. But yeah, it’s really easy to get lost and overwhelmed on your journey. 

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