Top 5 Common Fears in Sales and How to Overcome Them

January 25, 2022

Think about the pitch as a form of transactional trust. You aren’t trying to cajole, pressure, and convince people. Instead, you’re offering them solutions and giving them choices they probably didn’t even know they had!

When someone books a call with you, they’re choosing to explore their options, to look for solutions. And they think you’ve got the answer. So, let them know! Feel free to help that person because that’s what they need, and it’s what they’re searching for.

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Top Common Fears in Sales & How to Overcome Them.

Making sales and closing deals can be incredibly scary — especially if you’ve never worked in sales before. But for entrepreneurs, overcoming your fear of rejection in sales is critical. So despite the many concerns you can have in this arena, don’t fret! This post will show you how to overcome your fear of rejection in sales. 

First, let’s identify the top five most common fears in sales, and then I’ll show you some strategies for how to rise above them. Coffee’s for closers, and by the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll be ready to pour yourself a hot, steamy mug of java. 

The problem with having a fear of sales as a business owner.

So, the biggest issue with having a fear of sales is that the anxiety it produces is downright uncomfortable. And it’s human nature to avoid that which we find uncomfortable. But, having a paralyzing fear around sales can be the ultimate catalyst that makes or breaks your business. 

Here’s the thing, friend. If you can’t sell to your clients, then someone else will. You’ve got a lot to offer your customers. And without making a sales pitch, they’ll never know your services even exist. So you can’t help them. 

What good is that for anybody?

If you genuinely care for your customers, you know the best thing you can do for them is work on this part of your business and your personal growth. While being afraid in sales may seem insurmountable at first, each common fear has an antidote — mainly, it boils down to preparation and knowledge. 

So without further ado, let’s get down to it. 

#1. Feeling sleazy 

common fears in sales 
#1 Feeling Sleazy

If just the mere thought of pitching someone makes you feel like a big ol’ stress ball of sleaze, you’re doing it wrong. But I probably don’t need to tell you that. 

Usually, this fear comes from a bad past experience. Practically everyone has been held hostage at one point by a sleazy salmon’s sales pitch that made us feel like we needed a shower afterward. 

Feeling sleazy at the thought of pitching clients is not sustainable for your brand. But there’s a way to overcome this common sale fear. Before long, you and your audience both feel great about the experience and the transaction. 

Here’s how to overcome this common fear in sales.

You’ve got to internalize the fact that sales aren’t sleazy. SALES ARE ALL ABOUT SERVING OTHERS.  

The more confident you are in your service and offering, the less pressure you’ll put on yourself. 

Often, we think if we make an offer, it’ll make us feel like we’re selling ourselves in some way, which kind of makes us feel a bit icky, ya know?

When you get that icky feeling at the thought of making a pitch, remember why you went into the business in the first place.

You’re changing lives. And that’s a fantastic thing!

Make sure you’re offering a service that genuinely benefits the other person, not just yourself. Keep things in perspective and stay focused on the big picture — serving others.

Because essentially, thats what sales are. 

You’re noticing a problem that people have, and you’ve got the solution. Sales is really just you communicating that solution. You’re not a sleazeball, and you’re not taking advantage of them. 

This brings me to the second most common fear in sales:

#2. Guilt 

common fears in sales 
#2 Guilt

Many people feel sooooo guilty when they try to sell to someone. Why? Because they’re worried they’re taking advantage of someone. They feel ashamed of charging retail for their offering. 

But remember — sales is serving. People have a problem; you’ve got the solution. And you’ve gotta eat too!

How to overcome this fear: Transactional trust 

Think about the pitch as a form of transactional trust. You aren’t trying to cajole, pressure, and convince people. Instead, you’re offering them solutions and giving them choices they probably didn’t even know they had!

When someone books a call with you, they’re choosing to explore their options, to look for solutions. And they think you’ve got the answer. So, let them know! Feel free to help that person because that’s what they need, and it’s what they’re searching for. 

Be the solution with your pitch. 

People want what you have! 

And think of it this way. We’re selling something every day, and quite often too. It’s something as simple as what do we have for dinner tonight?

The kids are hungry. They’re looking to you for a solution. And so, you make them an offer they cannot refuse — mac and cheese with chicken nuggets! Or something else kids love to eat. Maybe you should try to sell them on eating a vegetable, too . . . 

I know this may seem overly simplistic. But I’m trying to drive home the fact that sales aren’t sleazy, and feeling guilty about it is a wasted emotion. 

You’re simply offering solutions to someone’s problem. The fact that your particular offering is the solution is irrelevant. It’s the solution regardless, and it will help the other person.  

Okay, now onto the next common fear. 

#3. Feeling unqualified 

common fears in sales 
#3 Feeling Unqualified

This common fear in sales is closely related to imposter syndrome. Feeling inadequate and unqualified to offer solutions can keep you from ever making the first step. 

But really, it’s natural to feel awkward around the whole sales thing when you first go into business. It’s a process, a journey of sorts. Reaching a flow state and having fun with pitching and talking to your leads comes from being competent, which comes from experience.

So if you’re new to this and feeling unqualified, no sweat. We’ve all been there. And for some of us, overcoming this fear takes a little longer than it does for others. But you will get there! Follow my advice. 

How to overcome those awkward feelings of thinking you’re unqualified

The key to overcoming this fear in sales is education and practice. Practice makes perfect, after all. Or at least, good enough to get the job done! The main thing I want you to remember is that your service is only an offer, not a demand. You’re not demanding them to do anything. You’re informing them and giving them a choice. 

So what can you do to turn the frown upside down and start enjoying, not dreading, the sales process? Knowledge. Start making learning how to sell a priority. Knowledge is power. 

I suggest not consuming every piece of sales advice you come across. Instead, research a few different methods, and pick an expert whose advice and journey resonates the most with you. 

Fear #4: Rejection

common fears in sales 
#4 Rejection

Outright rejection is never pleasant. But it’s a part of life, and it’s a part of the sales process. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for you. Plus, not everyone will be ready to convert when you communicate with them. It’s not a reflection of your offer’s value. Not to sound cliche, but it’s not you. It’s them. 

So, how to overcome the fear of rejection in sales? 

Again, practice and knowledge. Also, being prepared emotionally for a possible, no answer can go a long way toward not letting it shake you. Really, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be rejected, but when. And that’s okay. You’ve just gotta take that first step. 

Why? Because sales is really a numbers game. The more pitches and offers you make, the more chances you’ll have of closing a deal. 

The bottom line is, overcoming this common sales fear is to reframe how you think of rejection in the first place. Ultimately, rejection is a lesson you’ve gotta learn to master the art of closing a deal and reaching more people — people who need your help. What you get for your efforts and hard work in learning this sales maxim is a lesson you can take with you for the rest of your life. 

#5. The pressure!

common fears in sales 
#5 The Pressure!

A lot of us are afraid of the pressure to perform. So often, we’re worried we won’t meet the customer’s expectations, or we’re scared we won’t meet our sales quota. 

But your job as a business leader, coach, or consultant is to guide your clients on a journey to achieve their desired destination. Ultimately they’re the ones doing the work, making the decisions, and taking action. You’re the guide. 

Inevitably, you’ll come across clients who achieve success at different speeds and levels. It’s not your job to hold all the weight on your shoulders.

Here’s how to thrive under pressure and hit your sales goals.

  • Focus on the activity, not the outcome — You can only control yourself. So, focus on the activity at hand instead of the results. Approach high-pressure situations as a role-playing activity or a practice round. Strive not for a perfect outcome but for excellence in your efforts. 
  • Practice at the level you want to perform — When you practice your sales pitch with a role-playing activity, gradually up the stakes as you gain more experience. Remember that you don’t have to practice in a structured role-playing activity only. Use different events to ask productive questions throughout your day, gently influence others, and handle objections with grace and poise. 
  • Hone your focus — Have you ever reached a flow state? You’re working so hard on something that a bomb could go off in the next room, and you wouldn’t even notice. That’s what you’ve got to practice if you want to get better at sales — laser focus. Avoid multitasking. When you do any task, even something simple like washing the dishes, focus solely on it. 
  • Take it easy and avoid rushing — When we feel pressured, our natural response is to rush. Getting something over and done with quickly that you don’t really like to do might seem like just what the doctor ordered. But that’s how careless mistakes happen and how we miss important cues. Even if you’re feeling the tyranny of the clock, slow down. Focus. Relax, and get it done to the best of your ability. 
  • Create and refer back to your sales process — As you practice, you’ll naturally develop a routine and a go-to pitch template that’s customized to you. Get to know it by heart. Write it down. Don’t be afraid to tweak it as needed. But in essence, that sales process will help you become more efficient, competent at selling, and ultimately, confident in sales!

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll start to feel that pressure ease. The more you do, the more confident you’ll become at making sales and closing deals. Over time, it’ll be as simple and routine as brushing your teeth. 

Overcome your fears in sales: Punchline

It’s easy to let anxiety get the best of us. Anxiety is downright psychologically painful, and it’s only natural that we’d want to avoid it at all costs. But don’t let your stupid brain trick you! If you keep avoiding the sales process, you can’t grow a sustainable, profitable business. 

Remember, sales aren’t sleazy. You’re helping people. They’ve got a problem, and they’ve come to you for the solution. It’s not wrong of you to need or even want to make money. You believe in your offering. Give others the chance to believe in it too! They’ll be happy to pay you if what you’ve got is going to solve a problem for them. 

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