Structuring and Closing High Ticket Offers: It’s Easier Than You Think

February 22, 2022

One of the main objectives of the strategy call is to get a clear understanding of a potential customer’s priorities and goals. Strategy calls also give you a chance to look for areas of opportunity to sell them a more effective, custom solution.

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Structuring and Closing High Ticket Offers: It’s Easier Than You Think

Are you trying to sell high-ticket offers? If so, it’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed with how to structure them. Plus, so many entrepreneurs get hit with the whole imposter syndrome brick

OMG, a high ticket offer?! Its my most ambitious yet. Its gonna be so hard to close!

Not so fast. I’ve got good news for you:

Structuring high ticket offers and closing them is easier than you think. 

When I started on my entrepreneurial journey, I, too, struggled with these issues — structuring, presenting, closing — the whole nine yards. But now, I’ve got the benefit of experience. And I’d like to share it with you!

So, one of the most effective ways to closing high ticket offers is by offering a strategy call and personalizing your offer to your client.  In this article, I’ll cover:

  • What a strategy call is
  • How you can structure a similar high ticket strategy call for your business,
  • Go over the key ingredients you need for presenting and closing high ticket offers

Ready? Open up your notepad app, and let’s go. 

What is a strategy call?

What’s a strategy call?

A strategy call, also known as a sales call, discovery call, or breakthrough session, is a conversation to see if you and your potential client are a good fit for working together. 

This goes both ways:

  • The client is seeing if you can help them overcome their challenges and meet (or exceed) their goals
  • You’re getting a feel for this potential client, and if they’re someone you want to work with

Overall, your main objective with a sales call is to immediately add value to your potential customer while looking for opportunities to help them further.

Strategy Calls: How they give you a competitive edge

The most significant benefit of offering a strategy call for high ticket offers is that they help establish credibility and trust quickly. 

Okay, so why is this good for your business?

Well, you’re working In a saturated market. Your prospects are bombarded with sales pitches and mixed marketing messages. All. The. Time. 

A strategy call allows you to connect with prospects on a deeper, more personal level — outside of gimmicks and generic presentations. 

Get real and be candid

One of the main objectives of the strategy call is to get a clear understanding of a potential customer’s priorities and goals. Strategy calls also give you a chance to look for areas of opportunity to sell them a more effective, custom solution.

Buyers today are savvier than ever. They have instant access to virtually an infinite amount of information. They want someone who can relate to their pain and has experienced the breakthrough or transformation they desire. 

So, speak with clarity and confidence to your prospect. Let them know that you understand their point of view, their needs, and even their goals. Being authentic and candid makes all the difference in letting your potential client come to the natural conclusion that your product or solution is the only one for them. 

Closing a strategy call for your high ticket offers.

Closing a strategy call for your high ticket offers

To get your customer to conclude this, you must make the strategy call process focused on their perspective. 

Here’s how to do it:

Tailor your solution

Instead of marketing your product as a one-size-fits-all solution, market it as a product tailored to the specific circumstances and needs of the person you’re talking to. 

Showcase your product as an opportunity to solve your potential customers’ emotional and business challenges. Then, you can use your product as the solution they have been looking for. 

The bottom line is, no one wants to spend money on a solution that feels impractical or unfeasible. Remember — you’re a problem solver that’s selling results! 

So, keep it simple, strategic, and scalable.

Why is tailoring and personalizing your solution critical for closing high-ticket offers?

Why is tailoring and personalizing your solution critical for closing high-ticket offers?

Not gonna lie — high ticket offers are notorious for being difficult to close.

Your prospects can love your content. And through your content, they can get a good feel for your brand. 

But are they really going to write you a big ass check without a real connection? Negative!

The ante on the relationship goes up as the dollar signs increase. And for a good reason. True, the stakes are higher for both parties. But so is the potential ROI.

And that makes all the difference. 

But why are strategy calls critical for your business?

So, any high ticket item in your product suite — where you are exchanging your time and energy with your clients and helping them on their journey — you want to first hop on a strategy call to make sure you are a good fit to work together.

Taking on a private client without speaking to them first and making sure you’re a good fit is a dangerous place to put yourself, your clients, and your business. 

You want to attract premium clients and gain brand recognition as the go-to expert in your space. This allows you to eliminate prospects who are not a good fit and who have unrealistic exceptions, and this will enable you to show up, do what you love, and double down on serving your clients.

If you are positioned as an influencer in your field, this provides you an opportunity to sell your product, service, idea, or yourself at a premium price. But it’s all in exchange for solving a significant problem and transforming people’s lives, backed by ideal results and exceptional customer service. 

This means you should serve your clients with integrity, which starts before the sale.

High ticket offers attract premium clients.

High ticket offers attract premium clients

When it comes to higher ticket offerings, you’re attracting premium clients. As a result, they require more attention and a customized approach. And that’s really why the strategy call is a must. 

The beauty of selling high ticket offers to prequalified clients is you can make more money with fewer clients.

You get to sell less, serve more, and make more!

But if youre asking them to invest at a premium price, you need to match them with premium customer service. 

That means you need to go all in and make sure your strategy call is an exceptional experience. They should leave your call feeling like they just made the most fantastic connection — not like they need to take a shower and wash off the sleazy sales tactics.  

Show up to the strategy call prepared and ready to uncover their unique problems, provide real value, and guide them to the best solution. 

Your main objective is to develop a real relationship. Listen with empathy and serve with integrity. 

How I structure my high ticket, high converting strategy calls.

How I structure my high ticket, high converting strategy calls

All right. Now that you know why strategy calls are so important and the key ingredient to your success when closing high ticket offers, let’s go over how to structure your high ticket, high converting offers. 

Step #1: Automate the process

I bet one of the reasons you went into business was to have more control over your time, right? So, automation is your friend. 

With automation, it’s all about protecting your time and setting yourself up to scale. But the only way to do that is to automate your process of bringing in qualified leads consistently and predictably. A well-oiled machine that’s working around the clock is the most powerful tool your business can have. 

The more you automate, the more calls you can book, which results in more clients!

An easy way to automate your process for booking calls is to use an email funnel. Set up a landing page on your site for exploring and booking the strategy call.

Regardless, the process should be seamless and easy for your leads. The automated funnel should also set up expectations of how it will be to work with you. 

This article covers automation for your business in more detail. 

Many of the following steps can be automated. For example, in the next step, prequalifying leads, you can create an automated questionnaire to send to clients who’ve signed up via email. 

The questionnaire can be made once, set up to a schedule, and sent automatically. 

See how this process can save you a lot of time and headspace? 

Step #2: Prequalify leads

You’ll want to ask prequalifying questions to help prepare you for the strategy call. Remember, you only want to bring in those who are a good fit for you and repel people who aren’t. They also help you uncover any red, yellow, or green flags in a potential client. 

The prequalifying questions you ultimately use will need to be tailored to your brand, offering, and target customers. But here are a few to get you started:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Have you done anything in the past to solve the problem? What did you do?
  • Is doing nothing an option? Why or why not?
  • Have you worked with someone before to solve this problem?
  • What made you happy or dissatisfied with the last person you worked with?
  • Are you the decision-maker? 
  • What is your budget?

You can check out this resource for additional questions you can ask and why you might want to use them for your unique offering. 

Step #3: Book more calls and close more deals

Get in front of people, share value, and offer a pre-qualified call. 

Your content is key here. Not only have you pre-qualified leads with a survey of intentional questions, but you also need to prequalify them with your content. 

Publishing valuable content gives you an excellent opportunity to address common objections, build authority, and help the client prequalify you!

Remember, the sales call is for their benefit as well. It helps them decide if you’re a good fit for them and if they wish to proceed. So, your content can also go a long way toward letting them know if you’ve got the solution they need. 

Next up, I’m gonna give you a rundown of the top fifteen surefire things that’ll help you structure high ticket items and close more deals. 

15 easy ways to book more strategy calls, land more clients, and keep them coming back.

15 easy ways to book more strategy calls, land more clients, keep them coming back

#1. Create a survey, and everyone who completes it gets a free strategy call.

#2. Add your survey to the bottom of your lead magnets and email sequences or newsletters.

#3. Ask past clients for referrals.

#4. Follow up with old leads. Remember, everyone is in a different part of the buyer’s journey. 

#5. Add a CTA to the end of your live videos or in the caption of evergreen and embedded videos.

#6. Immediately after a launch or promotion of a high ticket offer, offer the Strategy Call as a way for leads to work with you on a deeper level. 

#7. Offer a small number of sessions to your Facebook group. Know the rules. Some groups don’t allow you to present offers. You can also start your own group!

#8. Take advantage of social media. Sometimes, people don’t even know what you offer. So don’t hide this incredible opportunity from them. Share it frequently. Not everyone sees every single post or story you share. Don’t be afraid to post frequently, so you reach more people more often. 

#9. Use social media stories and polls. Anyone who answers yes to a story or poll, send them a private message inviting them to book a call.

#10. Use testimonials on social media to showcase the breakthroughs and successes current clients are having and showcase the possibilities. 

#11. Create a webinar or video series about your high ticket offer. The CTA at the end should invite them to a free strategy call. 

#12. Write blog articles or do podcasts around your offer and add the CTA as a free strategy call.

#13. Add the CTA at the end of your emails.

#14. Send an invite to your current email list or a segment of your list inviting them to book a call. 

#15 Create an automated sales funnel. Start with a free lead magnet, and you can follow up to have clients fill out a prequalifying survey or book a call. This is the perfect way to track your lead generation strategies and book more calls. 

Seems like a lot, right? But you devour a whale one bite at a time. Oh, and also get my done-for-you Strategy Call Funnel Template. 

Done-For-You Strategy Call Funnel Template

Done-For-You Strategy Call Funnel Template

Stop hoarding your expertise and share it with the world!

You have an exciting offer, and you know people need it. But you’re stuck on the whole funnel thing, and all that comes with it. 

Shall we fast forward to the part where your funnel is alive and converting, and you don’t have to build it from scratch? 

Oh my! Wait, that exists? 

It sure does. 

My Done-for-you funnel templates are:

  • Fully integrated
  • Complete with copy prompts
  • Ready to generate and segment leads on autopilot

Download it today and get ready to save time, money and eliminate stress with these high converting templates. 

Done-For-You Strategy Call Funnel Template

All right, now that you’ve got your pre-qualified lead on the phone, what’s next?

What to do during a strategy call: 6 stages for success.

What to do during a strategy call: 6 stages for success

Do you ever wonder how some people can just sell anything, and they make it look so effortless and smooth you never even see them coming? These unicorns could sell water to fish. 

Maybe they’re born with it? Or maybe it’s Maybelline?

Or, they became a seasoned pro by dedicating themselves to mastering the flow of the conversation?

Yep, I’m going with that. 

And here are the steps they most likely took to do this. Use this six-stage process to win a strategy call and make it a success. 


Make a connection! 

Introduce yourself and make a friend. Find commonality and develop a connection with your potential clients quickly because the timing is critical. In addition, it’s essential to create trust so they will open up to you about their pains, frustration, goals, and expectations. 


Establish an agenda and set expectations!

Give them a rundown of how the call will go and the exceptions you both have. Again, this is to control the tempo and allow them to have an open mindset and put them at ease.  

Establishing clear boundaries sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. 


Pinpoint their goals!

The intention of this is not some sales call, even though you’ll present a solution if you decide they’re a good fit. It’s really for you to be able to discover more about them. 

You want to show them value and presell before the call. 

Before the call, you’re giving them value with your content. On the call, you want to listen to them. You want them to do most of the talking and uncover their challenges. Your job is to solve those problems and guide them to the best solution. 

Listen to understand, not react! This is a call of challenges and opportunities.

Learn what your clients are truly struggling with and guide them on how to get past those pain points.


Give Value! 

Identify the top three things holding them back from achieving their goals. Then, map out a list of next steps for the client to take that will help them make progress and get a small win. 

This will showcase your expertise and allow them to sample your teaching style. Regardless, you want to bring value, whether you do business together or not. 

You never know who they talk to, and they might bring in a future client through word of mouth. 


Present your solution!

Share how you can support them on their mission. What makes you and your process different, and what results can they expect doing business with you? Clearly communicate those benefits. 

At this point in the game, you’ve identified if they are a client or not. You know where they are, where they want to go, and the challenges they’re facing getting there. So, you want to present the features and benefits of your offers or solutions. 

Remember, they are not buying your offer. They are buying YOU and the RESULTS they believe only you can provide.


Offer your solution!

Based on what they shared with you, you’ll have all the answers you need to offer them a custom solution with real urgency that’ll support them on their journey. 

Recap the pain, the problem, and the solution you offer. Then, clearly communicate how you can support them as they take the next steps. 

This should be a fun call with easy conversation. No sleazy sales tactics. No false scarcity, pushy pressure, and shady discounts. Get to know them as real people with real and complicated problems and offer them a real solution.

You want them to sell you that they’re your ideal client. 

The only strategy call script you’ll ever need

The only strategy call script you’ll ever need

Bottom line — you need to control the call flow to maximize your conversions.  

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. Whew!

Instead, I’m sharing my strategy call script, so you don’t have to reinvent the sales call wheel, stumble over your words, and drown in the awkward silences. 

You’ll never feel lost when talking to your potential clients with this script. Instead, you can feel confident showing up to your strategy calls knowing precisely what to say, when, and why.

Three cheers for being articulate!

FREE Strategy Call Script

*record scratch*

Wait. It doesn’t end there. Before you bask in the glory of a sales call well done, you’ve gotta do some following up. 

What must happen after the call?

What must happen after the call?

After you say your goodbyes, you’ll need to follow up and follow through. Here’s why and how to do it successfully after closing a high ticket item.

Follow through with the results you promised.

You’re in the business of serving people, and the longevity of your brand depends on you delivering exactly what you said you would. So follow through with the promises you make to your clients. Always strive to over deliver on their expectations. 

A happy client is your most valuable piece of marketing material. Not to mention, a happy, loyal customer is a walking, talking referral bank and quite possibly a lifetime customer. 

Follow up with leads that are a good fit.

There will be certain personalities that will not allow you to close them on the original call. Or otherwise, don’t make decisions the way you do. This doesn’t mean they’re not a good fit for your business or aren’t interested in the offering.  

So what do you do? 

Don’t let this sales opportunity slip away. Put them on a shortlist and follow up with them. Timestamp expectations on when you will hear from them. Then ask permission within a certain period to follow back up with them.  

Try and keep them engaged as long as you see fit.  

Another great option here is to give them some homework to do that will help them achieve or overcome the limitations preventing them from taking action on your offer. 

Follow up with leads who are not a good fit.

This one might sound surprising. But there will inevitably be people who are not a good fit for your program, or your personalities just don’t jive. Regardless, they hold valuable information that can be useful to you, and you want to extract that information professionally. 

Following up with leads who were not a good fit. Ask them questions to gain critical feedback on your process, so you can improve and continue to deliver a positive overall brand experience. 

You can get right down to brass tacks:

Im curious. Why did you decide to not do business with us?

If you dont know, then you need to know how to improve your business. 

Following up with leads who decide not to work with you allows you to evaluate your process from an outside perspective and ultimately improve your brand. 

You can learn something from every strategy call, including what to do and replicate and what not to do. 

Structuring high ticket offers and closing them: The bottom line

Structuring high ticket offers and closing them: The bottom line

Inspect what you expect.

This 100% sales philosophy is simple — take something from every interaction.  

If you don’t get a sale, get a referral.  

If you don’t get a referral, get a review.  

If you can’t get a review, get their overall opinion on making your process or solution better.  

Selling a high ticket offer can be intimidating. But if you want to grow in business and grow as a person, going out there and simply DOING will build your confidence. You gain more trust in yourself and more faith in the process. 

Get my Strategy Call Script for seamless communication. It makes winning at the call easier. 

Download the Strategy Call Script HERE

Are you ready to automate your business?

Want to copy my done-for-you Strategy Call Funnel and fill your calendar with prequalified leads alls et up on autopilot?

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Those quick wins will go a long way to building your confidence! And pretty soon, you won’t need my help. 

Forever forward we go! We either win, or we learn!