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building your personal brand online

The good news is, you are in total control of your branding. While it’s true you aren’t in complete control of how others perceive you, you are in control of the information you share online. This gives you a massive influence on how people choose to perceive you.

And it’s all in your hands.

The reality is, if you don’t position yourself for building a brand online, you leave yourself wide open to interpretation. And it might not be pretty.

Building Your Personal Brand Online: Who are you anyway?


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build an email list from scratch

The best thing about building an email list from scratch is that you completely own that list of subscribers. You’re not at the whims and mercies of the fickle hand of the algorithm.

Email is also simple to understand, learn, and use for maximum results. It’s also affordable.

It can cost you practically nothing to send out a few emails to your list and sell hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of products and services.

5 Ways to Build an Email List from Scratch to Attract Your Ideal Audience


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dirty dancing

The Classic Movie that Almost Wasn’t

Dirty Dancing almost didn’t get made. Hollywood rejected the story 43 times. Bigwigs thought it was “too soft and too small.” They didn’t like that it was a girl’s film, but several critical male characters played significant roles in the storyline. Others thought it was more of a historical film about Jews.

Fortunately for us, Bergstein and company pressed on and were ultimately successful. The dancing was considered provocative enough that the Rating Board initially gave it an R rating. But the filmmakers put up enough fuss and got it switched to PG-13 since there’s no nudity, swearing, or violence depicted, opening it up to a broader audience.

Dirty Dancing: Top 7 Life Lessons from the All-Time Favorite Film


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building a brand online

So, what are you doing online? Be honest. Are you only creating and posting marketing and self-promotional messages? Then you’re alienating everyone who isn’t already interested in what you’re selling.

By focusing solely on marketing and promotion, no one has a compelling reason to follow you if they don’t think your offering is right for them at first glance. So in a way, you’re really narrowing down your audience, and not in a good way.

Your Complete Guide to Building a Brand Online


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positive growth mindset

If you’ve got a positive growth mindset, you’ll worry less about simply looking competent and like you’ve got your sh$t together. Instead, you’ll be far more interested in learning how to improve your abilities and optimize your business for success.

Growth vs. Scarcity Mindset: How You Can Start Cultivating a Positive Growth Mindset Today


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